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Truck Accident Prevention Update: Changes to Driver Hours Coming

  • 13
  • June

Truck accidents often result from the deadly combination of driver fatigue and tens of thousands of pounds of cargo moving at highway speeds. Because truck drivers, other motorists and passengers are extremely vulnerable to traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and broken bones when involved in collisions with semis, federal laws closely regulate the working hours of interstate truckers.

Two Recent Bus Crashes Leave People Seriously Injured or Killed

  • 16
  • March

Two recent accidents call to mind possible driver fatigue caused by unsafe work conditions.

The first bus accident happened over the March 12 weekend and killed 15 people. The second bus accident happened just after the first, and this one killed two people. Scores of passengers were injured. In both accidents, it appears as though bus driver negligence (or bus company negligence) was the likely culprit, as both accidents appear to have involved only the buses and no other vehicles.